ArcadeJunza Mailsystem Client Howto

This document contains information about the e-mail infrastructure and how to use it. The server running this infrastructure is a virtual machine donated by the FunkFeuerLinz project. It's to be considered property of the Basilwizi Trust. By the way of donating the connectivity for FunkFeuerLinz donates the traffic caused by this server. Please note that internet connectivity is way cheaper - even in absolute terms - in Austria than in Zimbabwe and the FunkFeuerLinz team estimates that you wouldn't be able to exceed whatever bandwidth can easily affort to give even if you'd try to do so.

Please note that e-mail addresses are obscured to avoid having address harvesters finding them and distributing lots of spam to ist. So the address is actually written like this: <foo AT NOSPAM example DOT com>.

Server Features

Spam and Virus Filters



Server side filtering

Forwarding Addresses

Available E-Mail Addresses

Configure Client Software

Quick Start

Complete Walkthrough


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