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 * [[https://linz.funkfeuer.at|Funkfeuer Webpage]]
 * [[https://lists.servus.at/mailman/listinfo/freifunk| Funkfeuer Mailingliste]]
 * [[http://linz.funkfeuer.at|Funkfeuer Linz Webpage]]
 * [[https://lists.servus.at/mailman/listinfo/freifunk| Funkfeuer Linz Mailingliste]]

FunkFeuer Linz

Willkommen im Wiki von FunkFeuer Linz.

Welcome to the FunkFeuer Linz wiki. Unfortunatly we aren't able to maintain a multi lingual wiki, so you won't find any content in english or any other languge but German. However, if want information about our project feel free to ask in our mailinglist <freifunk AT NOSPAM lists DOT servus DOT at> - questions in english will be answered. Thank you.


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