Workshop Plan

This assessment and plan is a result of a meeting in october 2011 in binga ( - in german).



Having at least 3 of these workshops in different locations in the district to enable a larger part of the media clubs to attend should be a priority of the next visit of an austrian team.

  1. The priority should be to first enchance the basic computer literacy in the media clubs and computer centers. See ../ComputerBasics

  2. Media Clubs need workshops on how to use computers in dealing with media (first this would mean text and pictures). See ../DesktopWeb publishing.

These workshops could be held in the Binga Library for a smaller group of people responsible for ITC's. We'd need to concentrate on persons that are more likeley to stay for a longer time in the project or their schools to avoid the problem of dissapearing knowledge like we had with the networking workshop.

  1. How to set up and maintain an ITC. See ../SystemMaint workshop.

  2. This still leaves the problem of lacking computer networking skills. We weren't able to come up with a workable solution though.


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